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LIFE & DEATH BY DESIGN- Journey's of the Soul with Lena Crespo

Lena Crespo

Did we choose our lives, challenges, and associations before arriving here? I have always sensed that Life has never been as simple as what science and religion has taught us. We did not end up here by accident nor did we come here to be saved in righteousness or incinerated in sin.​What if you discovered that before your physical existence, you had spiritual partnerships with nearly everyone that has impacted your life, good and bad, who agreed to play various roles with you here and now, in an effort to assist you on your path of spiritual development? I've come to believe there is more to life than what we see on the surface and that all deaths are a form of suicide in the sense that a soul decides for itself when and how it releases its body in order to exit physical reality. The purpose in creating this podcast is to propose a different perspective about this condition called life from a metaphysical supernatural perspective, which offers us a deeper understanding of of our spiritual power within this three-dimensional system of Spirit, Soul, and body. In doing so, you will gain a new perspective about life as you begin to re-discover yourselves and the spiritual purpose behind the human experience. My hope in creating this content is not only to bring some form of relief from the intense suffering associated with lose and misfortune through understanding, but to also shed light on the power of our minds in order to design a life worth living.Come join me and get a glimpse of my unique perspective about life & death and everything in between.